Release notes – June 2020

Each week, we release new features, product improvements and bug-fixes across all of the Open products. Here are the highlights of the past few weeks:

Product Comparison

As an insurance broker, you can now rapidly compare a number of products to provide a quick and easy experience for your clients. Now one quote can deliver multiple product options, ranging in price and features.
No more jumping in and out of various platforms. OpenBroker™ delivers one system to find and compare the best personal lines cover for your clients.



OI™ is Open’s always on, AI-powered opportunity generator. It surfaces new opportunities for brokers using data captured from previous quotes, allowing them to maximise their time helping their clients.
With seamless UX and clever AI, brokers can find the best personal lines cover for their clients with just a few clicks.


Magic Link

We’re introducing magic to policy management. Don’t worry about remembering another set of login details for your insurance. We’ll send you a secure magic link whenever you want to make a claim or manage your insurance policy.

Most people forget their login details after they’ve purchased a policy. This can be an issue when needing to update a policy or make a claim. So we’ve made it easy for our partners’ customers with our magic link technology.

Fun fact: We published the documentation for Magic Links on a Tuesday afternoon, and less than 24 hours later, one of our partners had already integrated this feature into their white-label experience. It’s awesome to see how easy and quick it is for our partners to use our products.



Customers of all Open powered products are able to easily login and manage their insurance policies themselves at any time. With just a few clicks in the member portal, customers can easily change their address, increase their excess, add or remove drivers plus much more.

No more phone calls and no more waiting to make minor changes to their policy. Customers can now manage their policies online in an instant.